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"I enjoy training with this club so much! I've met genuinely dedicated instructors, the training facilities are very well equipped, and overall, everyone embraces respect for one another.
It's really great to have an instructor who can execute and explain techniques, but more importantly, who can give you personal feedback based on observation on what you can do to improve your technique.
To me, that's an enviably fine combination and the reason to stick with this club."

~Elena Lindqvist

"I'm not familiar with other Martial Arts locations in the area, what I can say is that Visionary Martial Arts has very well focused instructors, very good discipline teaching, and most of all and this is important the connection of respect between students,teacher, and parents. Large variety of classes and all age groups."
~Francisco Tenorio

"We have attended Visionary for well over a year now. We experienced the owner change. We have continued to love and enjoy Visionary Martial Arts through the transition. Mrs. Safar is an amazing instructor and human being. She works diligently everyday to ensure the success of her students. My children have earned their black belts under her leadership and I could not be prouder. This is a phenomenal school!"
~Krystle Velazco

"Great classes for all ages. Great staff. Patrick Safar is patient with young kids and extremely knowledgeable for the intermediate and advance classes. There are many kids who have been there for years and it easy to see why!!"
~Zachary Treible

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